ABBV Replacing GILD

You could say GILD replaced ABBV after I took its profit and now ABBV is back after I took GILD’s profit. It may sound slick, but it is really just late stage bull market trading; reaping here, planting there and managing risk and limiting losses everywhere. ABBV pulled back, almost as if on command after it hit our 1st target of 75. The SMA 50 … Continue reading ABBV Replacing GILD

US Sectors vs. SPY & Some Yield Discussion

A couple of charts from the weekly Market Internals segment of NFTRH, bearing in mind that interest rates are going to have a say about sector relative strength going forward (for example, Financials and Energy tend to do relatively well in a rising long-term rate environment while Healthcare does not). Financials are constructive, Energy is firm for a few days now (nominal XLE may be … Continue reading US Sectors vs. SPY & Some Yield Discussion