Which Way Yields?

While I await my strong USD trade to finally arrive (still leveraged short the Euro, long Euro-hedged European stocks)… or fail, I find another macro issue pretty interesting. Aside from tech, which on the back of the F.A.N.G. and the algo robots chasing them only knows one skyward direction (I took a limited loss on a QQQ short), getting the rest of the market right … Continue reading Which Way Yields?


NFTRH; US Stocks, Commodities and Precious Metals

US Stock Market The US market seems to be following a code that goes something like this… “If things are questionable… buy Facebook! Buy Amazon! Buy Netflix! Buy Google!” In other words, the QQQ short trade was ill-founded because the market says so. The F.A.N.G. are back with a vengeance. I may have to cover QQQ today. How do you fight that kind of momentum? … Continue reading NFTRH; US Stocks, Commodities and Precious Metals