Financials Short Adventure Ends

I have been increasingly bearish on long-term Treasury bonds due to developing sentiment and Commitments of Traders issues implying a contrary bear play and also due to the fact that T bonds have popped to our original upside targets (when taking a contrarian trade in the opposite direction last December), which were roughly to the declining SMA 200.

But this post is about the Financials… which are also about Treasury bonds and their yields. I am taking a limited loss on the Financials short fund FAZ this morning because due to my developing bullish view on yields I am by definition a weak hand against Financials. Indeed, in NFTRH it was even noted the the Banks and Financials could set up as a buy if yields rise as expected. So, in the spirit of noting previous shorts closed for profits and losses, here’s another… closed for a loss.

It’s show biz. Win more than you lose and kill the losers as quickly as possible.


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