Treasury Bond Sentiment Becoming Toxic Again

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The wash-rinse-repeat cycle continues along in Treasury bonds and Bloomberg and its poster girl of the day for an alarming headline, Louise Yamada, may finally be right a half a year or so after so wonderfully making our contrary case for a bond bounce. Ref. R.I.P. Bond Bull!!!!

Now see…

Specs Now Net Long for First Time Since July, Most Long 10yr Since 2007 from Heisenberg.

Also see the over bullish public and the once again heavily net short Commercial hedgers in the 10yr (source: Sentimentrader)…


treasury hedgers

Moderate the above with the knowledge that the 30yr is not yet extreme but is heading in the contrary bearish direction and…

Not only is the contrary aspect of our previous bond play now over, but soon enough so could the price aspect be. Louise will eventually be right… and the media will make a headline some day that begins with ‘The Woman Who Called the Bond Bear Now Predicts… ‘ Ha ha ha, on and on it goes.

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