Bonds: This Just in From Our Friends at Bloomberg…

This is actually a tag-along to the regular ‘Bonds’ segment in NFTRH 444.  As I was finishing up the report I happened to see this humorous headline, in all its click-baiting, eyeball sucking glory, from Bloomberg; so I popped it into the report.  For reference, our response once again to the original click-baiting, eyeball sucking article with a polar opposite message that set up a nice, contrary trade last December:  R.I.P. Bond Bull!!!!!

This just in from our friends at Bloomberg…

Bond Bulls See Opportunity as Government Shutdown Deadline Nears


That would be the same Bloomberg that gave us this contrarian gold mine last December, calling the top in yields (bottom in bonds)…

R.I.P. Bond Bull Market as Charts Say Last Gasps Have Been Taken


While the 10yr yield could well hit 2% or even lower, consider the 1st major contrary indicator to a future rise in yields now in the books. It’s comical, actually.


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