Good ‘n Boring, Out-Performing

[edit] I’ve been expecting IBM to drift down to support and post earnings, it is dropping hard to it.  I added in AH and we’ll see if this is a good move, as it was last time I did this.  The noted support level also acts as a stop loss, generally speaking.

The boring contingent continues to be unfazed by recent market pressures.  Here is an update of some really boring stocks of really boring companies.  Note:  I took the profit on KBH a while back and also killed RXN before it could turn to a loss, replacing it with WMT, which was an NFTRH+ update (along with KBH and IBM).  VRSN was first highlighted in the NFTRH+ notes segment of a report several weeks ago before it broke out of the Symmetrical Triangle.


In line with the ‘defensive’ theme, here are a couple looks at the Consumer Staples sector.  First, XLB has for some time now looked like a ‘buy’ vs. the S&P 500, by big-picture monthly chart.


And also Consumer Discretionary vs. Consumer Staples has been grinding out a potential warning for markets.  These are monthly charts, so they move in slow motion, but if the current specimen starts to resolve downward as the previous one did in 2007, it would be err… not good.  It’s why we watch this stuff; not to get over alarmed, but to be good scouts and be prepared.


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