Pro Services Free @ EWI

Per this post at Biiwii, EWI is opening its doors to an aspect of their service that is really not my preferred mode, which is intensive in-day management.  Still, I signed up for it and am going to keep an eye on their analysis over the next week in real time during the day (and try not to let it whipsaw my thinking :-( ).  I think it is pretty cool and if you want to check it out, just go to the Biiwii link above.

I almost never tout other entities here because I happen to believe the best financial market entity lives here.  But still, NFTRH is not for everybody and those of you looking for intensive in-day management may find this interesting.  Here’s a screenshot of items they’ve done today.  Clicking the links (obviously not active in the screenshot) would yield charts and pricing analysis.  The hard working folks at Biiwii ;-) would by the way, be compensated in a tiny fashion if you sign up for the free trial.  But that is not why I am posting it here.  So, up to you…

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