Shorts Covered

Two shorts on the Financials (GS & XLF) and one on the Semis (SOXL) are covered for nice profits on balance (though SOXL was actually at a small loss).  I have never before, nor likely ever will pretend to be a resolute bear able to hold short positions through thick and thin for extended periods.  I did it in early 2015 using an unleveraged position against SPY, but that was a rarity.

There may be new opportunities out ahead and in the meantime I am going to continue to manage risk with cash, portfolio rebalancing and the profit-taking, loss-limiting regimen in place to this point.

[edit] A post like this is not necessarily to broadcast to the world what good or ill-conceived move I am making at any given time.  It is mostly for subscribers’ information as a small detail that can be considered along the ongoing details of our main investment theses, but in and of itself it’s not worth cluttering peoples’ inboxes with.

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