NAFTA Hurting the US? Really?

In reading this article by Mike Shedlock debunking the ‘NAFTA is bad for the US’ theme, I had to laugh.  Mish goes at it from a million different angles but just this weekend, in one little portion of a massive report, we noted the following in the Market Internals, Economy & Indicators segment:

<begin excerpt>

Back on the subject of the post-election Trumponomic world, because it is interwoven with the macro backdrop, like it or not. From Time Magazine by way of, some historical Tweets* on Mexico…

trump tweets

From, a look at the S&P 500’s geographical exposure in the event that NAFTA is dramatically renegotiated or dissolved. The fact of the matter is that the S&P 500 would not be materially impacted, from a business exposure standpoint. Let’s keep that information in our pocket in the event the geopolitical hype whips up one day.


* I can see the TV star and businessman Trump tweeting a mile a minute, but I still have trouble with a US president robo-tweeting everything out to the world. It does not inspire confidence.

<end excerpt>

I was in business during the NAFTA hype years and again I tell you it did virtually nothing.  Our business improved, not necessarily having anything to do with NAFTA, but it was not hurt in the least.  With all the political crap flying around you might want to keep your hype-o-meters in good working order.

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