Newsflash: Da Boyz Manip’d Silver!

If anyone else wants to email me crowing about this then feel free; the contact link is right up above.  As one mailer put it

“Still no manipulation, my credulous friend? Still “its just producers hedging and honest people trading”? Sorry, but the “markets” you seem to so love are all RIGGED TO THE CORE.”

Deutsche Bank Provides “Smoking Gun” Proof Of Massive Rigging And Fraud In The Silver Market

Tell me this; what market is not manipulated?  The S&P 500?  It’s ginned up on policy.  Gold’s bear market was kicked off when the best manipulators of all, the Bernanke Fed, “sanitized” inflation in deliberately painting the yield curve with Operation Twist.  Name any backwater or front line market and it is manip’d.

The problem is that the gold and silver “community” need to feel special because it’s part of the pitch.  The reason your metals ever go down is because of the barely literate traders nabbed in the act of chatting about it.  Sorry guys, but you’re still barking up the wrong trees.

For the record, I’ve never said these markets are not manipulated.  What I’ve said is it does you no good to set yourself up as a fighter of good vs. evil, as too many gold “community” promoters want you to do.  These are the financial markets and they are hazardous.  Manage accordingly.  There are no ‘teams’.

I mean, the great conspiracy has been uncovered and silver is negative today.  Come on people, you can do better than that.

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