NFTRH+ Transports Trade Working Well

Do you remember when some Dow Theorists were admonishing us about the Transports’ bearish divergence to the stock market?  Well, 6 weeks ago in NFTRH 415 we noted this chart and how a similar divergence resolved bullish in 2012 and also how the Tranny itself had a bullish pattern (chart from  Dow Theory (at least as interpreted by bearish prognosticators in recent months) has failed again.

dow theory

On November 8 we did an NFTRH+ update (now public) on the Tranny, using the IYT iShares, which I bought on the opportunity noted in the update.  Here is the original daily chart from the update (which also included a bigger picture weekly for more perspective and targeting), showing the pullback/buying opportunity we reviewed in real time.


Here is the same chart updated to today.


It’s very over bought and that always makes me want to sell, as it did with the big explosion in GS (which is now 10 bucks higher than my sale price and the NFTRH+ target).  But the original target for IYT was 170 and since I am balanced in my portfolios I think I’ll hold it for now.

Insert here the ‘I make bad trades too’ disclaimer, but if you look at the original update I think you will see a well thought out trade scenario presented to subscribers at the exact moment it should have been presented.

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