As of May 13, 2020 we have incorporated Tier 2 subscriber updates into the NFTRH+ service. This means that updates rising to a level above those in the Trade Log Notes (tier 3) but below the level of formal Email Updates (tier 1) will be presented as a protected post at the website and announced via Twitter (follow @NFTRHgt).

Chart-based trading ideas

Notice: NFTRH+ is a free component of the regular NFTRH service for those who appreciate technical trade setup ideas. Unlike priority market updates, which are posted at the site and emailed directly to subscribers, NFTRH+ updates are only posted at the site, but can also be received by email by signing up for email (or RSS) delivery of all posts, public and private, on the right side bar.

Introducing NFTRH+, a new component of the regular NFTRH service (a weekly 25-35 page report and interim market updates) taking things a step further for those more inclined toward trading.

See NFTRH+ updates here (unlocked to the public after 1-2 weeks) for an idea of our mode of operation.  Note (8.23.16):  NFTRH+ ideas are now being presented more often in the weekly report’s NFTRH+, Trading Notes, etc. segment, and somewhat less often at

NFTRH+ as a discreet add-on serves the dual purpose of providing an aspect that has been requested by some subscribers in the past, while keeping the ‘noise’ level down for regular NFTRH premium subscribers, who are not inclined toward trading. Since it is at no extra charge, we will feel no urgency to force trades or even present them if other more important aspects of the service are taking precedence.

Important: NFTRH+ updates are simply trade setup ideas, which may not be revisited as the parameters are already noted in the original post. They are meant as a starting point for further research if interested. Stock trading involves significant risk of capital draw downs. Please exercise risk and cash management.

NFTRH+ Features

  • Optimal entry points; there is always another trade. We will not try to manufacture trades as there will not always be an optimal set up in play. There will be periods of inactivity.
  • Clearly defined initial buy targets, sell targets (or short and short-cover targets) and ‘stop loss’ levels.
  • The goal would be to achieve a profit first, and the projected price target second. A target is just a target; a profit is a real thing and once attained off of a good set up it will be up to the subscriber to take the profit when deemed acceptable. I myself often sell below targets, as you may know. I can only plot targets, not tell you when to sell.
  • I will however, be more direct about limiting losses. This is a must. Have I mentioned that enough yet? :-) Please note ‘stop loss’ levels defined when a trade idea is presented.  Loss will occur and they should always be limited.
  • Bull trades will typically be defined as a pullback ‘buy’ during an uptrend or a bottoming pattern play. Similarly, bear trades will be noted as a bounce and ‘short sell’ (or bear fund) opportunity within a downtrend or a topping pattern play.
  • Trade vehicles will be higher volume (i.e. liquid) individual stocks and sector ETFs.  On the latter, subscribers can use leverage (options, levered ETFs, etc.) but we will usually just note a nominal market, ETF or stock and the associated targets and ‘stop loss’ levels.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly charts or some combination thereof will be used as best suits a given opportunity.