A Joyless Bull Market?

What, are you kidding me?  I mean, sure, it’s a pain in the ass listening to Bullard this, Yellen that, Rosengren this, Fisher that, Fischer this, Evans that…  What ever would give the 5th headline on the left below the idea that they’ve taken the fun out of the bull market?  It’s a ton of fun, just like Twisty the Klewn.

Here’s a screen shot with some noisy feeds, including a bitching and moaning blogger pounding you to death with the clown shtick.*  Now there’s even a higher than normal fascination with the Payrolls report coming up.  We were making noise about why the 2 poor Payrolls in a row were likely to improve while the media were… cue the crickets.  Now, it’s like the end of the world after a month of jawboning.  Silly mainstream media, always getting everybody worked up and chasing whatever mature trend is in place.


But if you have not had enough excitement, just click this photo and let the CNBC talking head get you all revved as he blabs about 2 doves and a hawk, play-by-play style.


Just shut up and raise the friggin’ interest rate already.  I swear, I hate these people for their incessant microphone gobbling.  I know it’s the MSM doing the broadcasting, but these clowns know exactly what they are doing.

It’s a good bet that whatever lay on the other side of jobs and the next FOMC meeting, it will shake out opposite to how the MSM have conditioned the herds in the run up to them.

* Don’t worry, I’ll eventually tire of this theme just as you may be tired of it now.  But not yet.  I tend to bludgeon points to death when something really irks me.  Besides, that photo of Twisty is really cool.  So too, Rosco’s clown car.  I love them and contrary to the headline above, this keeps the market fun (for me). 

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