The Pigs Love Interest Rate Jawboning

Here is the daily BKX stringing several up days together, but starting to get over bought.


I have held the Regional Bank fund KRE (per NFTRH+ notes in the weekly report) since BKX boinked the trend line and lateral resistance (now support).  Below is the weekly multi index chart it occupies along with the Semi and Biotech indexes. The key level was the May high, which is getting taken out today.  But in this bipolar market sometimes these things that every damned trader on the planet sees, signal reversals (look no further than the BTK chart in the bottom panel).  For now however, BKX is buying the interest rate story.

As to the other chart inhabitants, I’ve held and traded the Semis for months now, for obvious reasons.  I also hold IBB based on [BTK’s] rise above the weekly EMA 50.  This one is a test of patience for sure.  But it’s still intact says the chart.

bkx sox btk

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