Emerging & Asia Bull Markets?

Welcome to yet another new look for nftrh.com.  I like the crisp, clean look of the thing and hope you do too.  I actually changed the theme because images simply were not doing what I wanted them to do with the old style.  Now they are doing exactly what I want and the coolness of the site (in my opinion, anyway) is a bonus.  Moving on…

EMs are in a bull market say those who arbitrarily assign that label to a market that has risen 20% or more off its lows.  This Inverted H&S pattern has been showing up not only in the EMs, but also in Asian markets and many individual stocks, often (but not exclusively) commodity or resource related.

NFTRH+ ID’d the bottoming pattern on July 13 just as EEM was nudging above its neckline.  It has gotten through what I thought could be its most challenging resistance but as you can see, there is a lot more resistance (red shaded) all the way up to target (43).  It’ll be a rough ride and it will be interesting to see who wins out, the overhead resistance or the IH&S pattern target.

eem, emerging markets

Similarly, Asia (ex-Japan) has broken its neckline as well.  There is resistance, but less of it on the way to target.  I prefer to keep Japan in its own box.  So this fund works well.


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