Gold (Counter Cyclical) vs. Commodities (Cyclical)

With reference to the previous post, here is the current view of gold vs. commodities.  It is just the first move of a new week, but the weekly views of the top 4 panel items ticked down yesterday.

The message of gold-silver and gold-palladium is one that would be beneficial to the cyclical theme and hence, stock markets and potentially, the economy.  The top 4 items would be the followers, not the leaders.  It will be interesting to see if they do follow.

Meanwhile, taking everything at today’s face value (considering the balance of Au-Commodities, Au-Stocks, Au-Bonds & Au-Currencies) the counter cyclical environment is still technically in place.  But man, look at those last 2 chart panels.  It sure is going to be interesting to see if they were leaders or whipsaws.


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