Broad US Market Leans Bullish

More and more of these items are working on the April highs and that is a key level.  The Tranny is the lone suspect here, technically.   It looks like the NYSE Advance/Decline (cumulative) was on to something after all.


Of course, the real bullish interest really has little to do with these charts.  If current analysis pointing to inflationary growth is on base there will be places to invest and places to avoid.

I am not some perma-flationist writing that.  I am someone looking at it from several angles, inviting feedback as to why I may be wrong and not yet seeing any reason I could be.  Indeed, I am getting pretty positive about one sector in particular (having little to do with inflation, but everything to do with growth).  I know I am being cute, but it should be obvious by skimming the front page of the site, anyway.

As for Brexit/Bremain hysteria week, well I think there is still room for caution until we clear the theatrics and/or break the VIX down from support.


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