Inflation! Inflation!! Inflation!!!

I want to balance out all of the deflationary hysteria and Treasury bond market (risk ‘off) bullishness out there.  Yeah yeah, BREXIT this, NIRP that, Payrolls the other thing…

If you look down the page you will see a lot of inflation talk.  Guess what, you are going to see more of it this summer.

More big time information is coming to light as I do the work in NFTRH 400 (can you believe it? 400 of these things?) and it is not indicating anything like deflation.  Nor is it indicating that we should be wetting our pants like the big brains at the Fed fretting about the May jobs report.  Nah uh.

What’s more, the report does not mention CPI even once.  There are plenty of other signals that far fewer people watch, which are indicating a whopper of a cost-push issue coming up.  But here is boring old CPI nonetheless.


I really cannot believe the Fed can be so dim as to be obsessed on backward looking information like Payrolls and the recent decline in inflation expectations.  But if this works the way I see it now, the opportunity is going to be pretty immense.  Sure that’s hyperbole, but I am tired of being the sober, dour guy all the time.  One day all the wise guys are going to be touting inflation all the way up to the limiter.  Wash, rinse, repeat.


Anyway, I just finished for today and can’t wait to clean this thing up and get it to subscribers tomorrow.

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