Precious Metals Update, Unlocked

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On April 7 in pre-market we had an extensive update on gold, silver and especially, the miners.  This update is now public for your review.

If you check it out what you will see is a service that put subscribers right on the very first inkling of the breakouts from consolidation in gold and the miners.  What you will also see is an admission that I had been cautious of the consolidation to that point.

In other words, amid the noise of those advising of the big upside to come (as they always do) and those advising of death by CoT (“30,000 coffins” anyone?) we let the charts advise what the price action was going to be against a very good fundamental backdrop.

Speaking of fundamentals, I have put a lot of effort into publicly explaining what would be the right environment for gold and the miners.  The ongoing Macrocosm theme, which we introduced last summer, has carried the day after years of China/India Love Trade,  COMEX crookery… US jobs drives inflation and drives smart money to gold… we’re all gonna die, buy gold! b/s.

It has very simply gold rising vs. things positively correlated to the inflated economy.  From this point on we are either going to fall apart or more likely, go full frontal inflation as that is the content of global policy makers’ bag of tricks; scare everyone out of their respective currencies and into asset speculation.

Anyway, as often happens, I’ve drifted in a post.  My point was that if you want grounded analysis of not only the gold sector, but the whole ball of wax… analysis that is not predictive but is definitely in line with probabilities at all times, well you know…

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