NFTRH+; Booking SAND Profit (public)

I am taking partial profits in the gold stock sector because those who could not hold off anymore seem to be buying in.  That is capitulation.  One item I’ll take profit on is SAND, which was NFTRH+’d in this update (now public), with a target of 3.80.  I had traded it once previously but bought it back last week just before it broke out from consolidation along with the rest of the sector.

Below is the chart from that update.  Obviously the red dotted (former resistance) line is now strong support.  When the chart was created it was only just trying to break above resistance, hence the red dotted line feature.

The official target of the update was 3.80 and now at 4 bucks I say thank you sir and move on (until the next buying opportunity).


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