Quiet the Fear!

One of the least desirable aspects of my job is in hearing from people who seem semi-traumatized by what they are reading out there in the off the beaten track online financial media.

I just heard from a sincerely nice and honest gentleman trying to do the right thing amid hearing rumblings of the grave effects of a stock market crash “in the background”.  I have heard from others who are very concerned about negative interest rates, bail-ins and basically, us all being taken into financial slavery or servitude by the “elites”, etc.

All I can tell you is that gold must be rising and the gold “community” must be ascending because the rhetoric is amping up and it is terrifying some people who do not filter it.  My response to the gentleman noted above provides some personal history.

If you are trying to function in the financial markets, it is job #1 to quiet this stuff and tune out anyone who is selling it.

“Unfortunately, this scaremongering has been going on for all too long.  I wrote a segment in NFTRH recently that included my own personal experience in being nearly traumatized into fear.  To tell the truth, it’s why I bought gold in 2002-2003.  So it ended up being a good thing, but I personally fell under the influence of a cult-like character and when I got rid of him, things went so much better for me.

This person also influenced current doom and gloomer Chris Xxxxxxxxx and others.  ‘CX’ started a whole cottage industry in survival and prospering amid hyperinflation, except now it’s deflation except no, maybe inflation.

The point is that you have identified that you may be locked into this feedback loop and that is a good thing.  I once worried so much that I bought gold, bought a gun, bought a generator, bought water supply, [also organic gardening, woodstoves…] etc.  These are not bad things in their own rights, but the fear never turned to reality and I normalized because living life like that is not what you want.  It’s what fear mongers want to sell.

The financial system is, in my opinion, at great risk of being ruined by central banks and these terrible policies.  But life will go on.  I would ask that you try to have two Xxx’es; one who understands the risks but the other who moves forward and stays balanced.  Our human brains seem to think things are imminent all the time and then they take years, decades… to play out, if they play out at all.

When my guy forwarded me an email from a supposed in-the-know contact in Zurich stating that the USA [as we knew it] was going to end within months, I said screw you, I am out of here.  That was in 2004.