Day Traders Anonymous

[edit] The reason I put so much work into the report is because I want to be able to show that work on a week by week basis.  I want subs to see it and know where it came from so they can expose it to their own critical thinking.  What I don’t want is to take the easy way, present what I present and expect people to believe it.  It is so important that people be able to subject anyone’s analysis to scrutiny based on its elements.  For instance, NFTRH 389, which I am working on now, has filled in some very important details for me personally as an investor and for the service in general as a market analysis source.  With reference to yesterday’s little ‘Greenspan era’ bullish expressions right here on this site, #389’s work is defining for me time frames and parameters.  I am a different investor at 4:32 ET on 4.2.16 than I was on April Fools day.  :-)

A short reminder to any readers who may considering subscribing to NFTRH and are also day traders:  Please save yourself the time and a few bucks and do not subscribe.

This message is inspired by the cancellation of a lady who subscribed last year, immediately congratulated me on a ‘call’ on the QQQ and has now canceled because she does not read the reports or use the updates very much.

“I was watching the market today and was amazed how spot on your chart on the QQQ bear trade was. It was like magic!”  –AL 9.17.15

Now I am just speculating here, but my sense is that the dynamic ‘calls’ are not coming with enough frequency.  The QQQ trade she referenced was a short that worked almost immediately after it was posted.

Folks, I am a manager and portfolio twittler, not a day trader.  I am a macro market writer and analyzer, not an instruction giver or signal caller (’23 Omaha! Right 42… Omaha! Hut hut hut!!!…’).  If you are a pure day trader, please save yourself and me the time and energy.  Because if you subscribe I expect you to at least do the work of reading and considering the themes involved.  The market to me is not a play, it is a process.

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