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If you’ve followed my occasional SEMI book-to-bill data posts here at or in NFTRH, you know how much of a geek-like fascination I have with the Semiconductor Equipment sector as a leading economic indicator.  You’ve heard again and again how in January 2013 we got the high sign on a coming manufacturing and economic firming phase.

We also have gotten two bad book-to-bill data releases in a row and I personally shorted Semi equipment stocks in response to this data and my personal contact’s ‘boots on the ground’ information.

SEMI Book-to-Bill Ratio Decelerates as Expected, Semis Not Under Valued

That’s the background.  SEMI’s mouthpiece (and CEO), Denny McGuirk gives an interesting wrap up to a year that started out like gangbusters but ended with a thud.  There is lots of talk about M&A in all phases of the industry, Semiconductors, Equipment and Materials.

The Industry’s Wild Ride in 2015

semiThe article reviews the industry from 2015’s perspective and looks ahead to 2016.  Geeks and other interested onlookers might want to check it out.

“Current projections for semiconductor equipment and materials suggest that 2016 will not be a high growth year. The span of forecasts ranges from almost -10% to +5%.”

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