What Thing Looks Like the Other?

Thing 1 happened in May.  There is another similar Thing that happened before that, in March.  Now Thing 2 is trying to happen today on FOMC day.  If this reversal holds and Thing 2 follows the course of Thing 1 and Thing no name, everyone should have been ready for it.  All the warnings were in place heading into wild and wacky FOMC week.

And yes, I shorted silver (and held DUST) and didn’t blink when the market was moving against me today.  Because really, these were just reducing my upside, as I hold miners and several ‘bull stocks’ (with a small list of shorts hedging there too, because if (and it’s just an ‘if’ right now) Thing 2 copies previous Things, the market should eventually feel the pressure as well.

As I wrote NFTRH 366 and sent out updates I worried I might be whipsawing peoples’ minds.  But that is the market this is.  It needs updating.  The chart below is giving another warning, it seems.

silver-gold ratio

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