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nftrh 362As noted in the subscriber email that accompanied NFTRH 362:

“NFTRH 362 trims back down to 22 pages, but makes a lot of points in those pages. In particular, despite everything going according to the best laid plans we should realize that the bear case is not yet sealed. The opening segment talks a lot about policy involvement in markets and the stock market segment clearly shows how 2011 had a similar situation to today’s bearish situation… enter Operation Twist and a changed landscape for years thereafter. All I am saying is, let’s have open minds.”

We also update global stock markets and come to a conclusion on a relatively good shorting opportunity, and review the progress of a new and constructive signal in the gold sector (which remains in TA hell, by the way) and really try to make clear why the Gold-Silver ratio is so important to not only this sector, but global markets and even policy maker actions.

A good report that is right on for the times.  NFTRH 362 out now.

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