Long-term Charts

These charts are purposely left ultra simple, with no mark ups, no momentum oscillators and limited commentary by me.

NDX is near the 2000 high.


SPX’s minimum measurement off of this breakout was 2192 after all.  That was the minimum measurement.


DAX had a target of 12,500 and damned if it didn’t just about get there.


FTSE on the other hand would have us believe it has been loading a target of 9500.  A tough couple of weeks have put it back below the breakout zone, however.


CRB index says the age of inflation manifesting in rising commodity prices is done.  There will be rallies and cyclical bulls sure, but this is a picture of a bubble burst.


Is that a bounce point in Crude Oil?  Sure.  Is it the start of a bull market?  Unlikely.


Palladium seems to be making a secondary high to the 2000 bubble high.


Yet vs. Gold it is flat, post-bubble.


And here is the obligatory weekly chart we use as an economic indicator.  The last positive signal in January 2013 coincided with the economic upturn most did not see coming then.  Today most see clear sailing, economically.  While still on an ‘up’ signal, the moving averages are drawing closer.


Is Silver a popped bubble or a massive Cup with a seemingly unending handle correction/consolidation?


Gold is less severe than its impetuous little brother, as it usually is.  While Team Sub-1000 currently holds sway, one positive is that the post crash trend has been biased down, not up.  An upward bias would have been a bear flag.


Thus ends the mini chart fest.  I’d like to do more of these simple views on occasion.  Sometimes less is more.

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