BoJ Watching the Yen?

The last time the Yen made signs that the natural market was going to increase its value, the BoJ sprang into action and harpooned it.  Now the natural market may be fomenting a bounce in the Yen if this little pattern and daily MACD/RSI are decent guides.


This NFTRH chart of the monthly USD and Yen seems to think it is time for Yen to rally, if the corollary (offset by about a decade) is any guide.  Yen is at the equivalent of Uncle Buck’s late 2004/early 2005.


Generally speaking, we are in a phase where we are watching for a new phase quite unlike the one that has been in play post-2012.  That would be when the herd’s confidence in Central Banks climaxes, tops out and declines.

Here in the US we (well, I) call it Peak Fed (2015, ©).  A rebellious Yen would be a Japanese version.

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