NFTRH 332 Out Now

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332 is a good one.  They all have been lately in my opinion.  I know that because each week doing the work in these reports (and in-week updates) helps orient me and keep me cross-referenced and double checked in my own assumptions.

Frankly, I feel as thonftrh332ugh I am seeing the markets well this year.  It’s sort of like conducting an orchestra and having all pieces playing to perfection.  While patience is a key word, markets are moving along and making wonderful sense.  To boot, even individual stock charts are working well and more often than not doing what I want them to do.  Go figure.

The market manager side of me (as opposed to the idealist human side) is in control and pleased with how things are going.  This manager does not care what the market does as long as we are on the right side of it.  The idealist may need to find a hobby for a while. :-)

NFTRH 332 carries the narrative up to today.  It’s out now and you should check it out with an affordable subscription.  I realize that everything on the internet is supposed to be free, but you know you ultimately get what you don’t pay for.  We’re talking less than 4 Fidelity trade commissions a month for a weekly report and multiple updates.

One winning trade or avoided loss can pay for 5 or 10 yearly subscriptions (depending on trade size of course).  When it comes time to manage the next macro turn?  That could be a life changer.  That’s what 2008 was after all.  NFTRH will be there.

Long winded promo, every word of which I believe in and stand behind, ends now.