USD and Yen

Catching up on Uncle Buck and Johnny Yen, we return to the monthly comparison chart.  Yen continues to search for a low to bounce from if it is going to follow the buck’s bounce plan at orange arrow #3.  It is at support.  If it bounces and if it goes to the USD’s script, it would then decline again well into new lows territory. Meanwhile, … Continue reading USD and Yen

NFTRH; Semi Sector & Stock Market

Semiconductor Equipment Book-to-Bill The Semiconductor Equipment book-to-bill ratio for November is out and it improved per the table below.  I will work the data into a graph similar to the one we reviewed after the October data were released, and include it in NFTRH 322. Here is the source report for the B2B from SEMI. To review for newer subscribers, the B2B is a forward … Continue reading NFTRH; Semi Sector & Stock Market