Uranium Miners Do Some Catching Up

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Well, the Uranium patch sure is interesting.  We have been noting for several weeks now the difference between Thing 1 (the price of Uranium Oxide) and Thing 2, the Uranium stock sector.

Thing 1, while in a serious bear market had risen conspicuously since the spring.


Thing 2 had been down on the mat for months in spite of the above and even took a deeper dive into October.  So this 0 to 60 routine is only playing catch up with the previous distortion into September.


NFTRH has been noting this situation for subscribers and in case you’re wondering, the answer is no, I did not personally take advantage of it.  All that can be done now is to wait and observe the nature of things because in this market that is so heavily gamed at the behest of monetary policy that appears all about stimulating asset speculation, chasing unbridled momo is not the way to go.

You want to be sitting in the future momos I guess.

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