NFTRH Update, Key ETF Charts


GLD is on a bear signal just above critical support.  A loss of support in the 120 to 121 area would target roughly 105, based simply on the pattern’s measurement.


SLV is on a bear signal and has lost the equivalent of the support we noted for silver in NFTRH 265.


GDX is on a bear signal.  Critical support is the October low.


SIL is on a bear signal and at critical support.


DBC is on a bear signal.


SPY is on a bull signal, is over bought and painted a bearish candle yesterday.  It may be time to protect positions by hedging or think about taking some profits for those who are broad stock market players.  At least that is what I am doing.


EZU is on a bull signal, is no longer strenuously over bought and turning up.


EEM is neutral to bull signal as it bounces hard off of support we noted previously.


FXI is just about to make a full bull signal, with only a green (zero +) MACD in waiting.  It turns out that the bullish weekly chart we reviewed in NFTRH 264 won out over the neutral to bearish daily.  It was a flag consolidation after all.