NFTRH Update, Key ETF Charts


GLD broke the trend line, triggered MACD, got above the MA 50’s, turned MACD green and then dropped below the MA 50’s.  Currently neutral below the MA 50’s.


SLV is just above an important intersection of trend lines.  Neutral.  A rise above 22 would bring a bull signal.


GDX is neutral and has filled one gap, with another in the 23’s.  We look for a higher low to the October low to remain constructive.


SIL is in the same general status as GDX.

Additional Precious Metals Data Points:

The Silver-Gold ratio remains in consolidation, is below the moving average cluster and currently looking a little heavy.   HUI-Gold ratio broke down from the SMA 50 and is making an attempt to bounce.  These indicators would generally go in positive correlation with the sector.  An exception could be during an extreme liquidity event.


Gold vs. crude oil continues to look constructive as does gold vs. commodities.  These are positives for the ‘real’ price of gold and the NFTRH big picture view.


Another view.  Note that silver vs. gold is not looking as good as it did a week or two ago and that gold vs. the stock market just looks bad.  That ratio would be an important one as the sector is not likely to attract mainstream capital until gold turns up vs. US stocks.


SPY is on a bull signal and is over bought.


EZU is on a bull to neutral signal and is over bought.


EEM remains neutral above the moving averages.


FXI remains neutral, though within sight of a bull signal (38.50+).