NFTRH Update 8.16.13, CoT Data

There was a large spike in commercial short interest and some corresponding speculative long interest in silver as of Tuesday.  We can bet that this condition has intensified since then, given the massive bullish activity all week long. We’ll include the graphics in NFTRH 252. This builds on the case for some kind of a reaction in the precious metals given technical resistance and over … Continue reading NFTRH Update 8.16.13, CoT Data


The destruction culminating in late June in the gold price brought out the usual suspects to school us ever since about why gold is all done as a worthy investment in an era of economic revival, compliments of heroic policy making by Ben Bernanke and Associates.  Perceptions are now fully cemented toward policy maker control and a new global growth cycle. These gold-negative voices included … Continue reading Change