A 3D Printer Hype Revival [w/ edit]

[edit] Ha ha ha, MarketWatch has substituted this headline for the one linked lower on the page, re-writing the whole damned article but keeping the link.  Goofy.  Maybe a couple of suits actually read this website, eh?  Hey guys (and ladies), you know I just have fun with this stuff.  Many NFTRH subscribers are said “suits” and I respect the hell out of them too.  ;-)

3D Systems’ stock downgraded after ‘excessive’ rally

In a recent white paper, however, Ark Invest analyst Tasha Keeney predicted that the tide would start to change in 2016 as new industrial applications for the technology were uncovered.

“Similar to other disruptive innovations, 3D printing experienced a period of hype ‘before its time’ and has gone through a period of restructuring,” said Keeney. “While 2015 was a turbulent year for 3D-printing companies and their stocks, the long-term prospects are intact and profound.”

Well Tasha, maybe investors in the right companies can make a buck in the right companies, but industrial applications are not going to keep up with competition and cost pressures.  It’ll be great for buyers of the technology, but not for investors in most of these companies.

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On February 25, 2014 with DDD stock price at $76/share I, a former manufacturing guy, wrote this article…


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