vs. SPY

Time again for our Spies on US sector relatedness to… SPY. Financials make a move to look a little less impaired, Energy still appears to be a negative divergence to the oil price, H/C trends up from May, Industrials are getting interesting, Materials are bouncing but still firmly down vs. SPY, and Tech is functioning okay but its relative trend is flat since May. The … Continue reading vs. SPY

vs. SPY

This week’s snapshot of various sectors’ trends vs. SPY… Daily Financials relative to SPY have reclaimed the SMA 50 with the trend down biased. Energy is consolidating, H/C is still pretty good and trying to change the trend, Industrials and Materials trend down and Tech trends up while trying to fix it’s little breakdown. The weekly view has Financials below the formerly supportive moving average, … Continue reading vs. SPY

vs. SPY

We’ve not publicly taken a look at the ‘vs. SPY’ US sector views in a while so here they are. Make of them what you will, but remember that normal TA should not be applied to ratios. It’s just an idea of the relative trends. Daily… Weekly… Subscribe to NFTRH Premium for an in-depth weekly market report, interim updates and NFTRH+ chart and trade ideas; … Continue reading vs. SPY

Sectors ‘vs. SPY’

Time for an update on various sectors vs. SPY. The daily ‘relative to SPY’ view shows Financials, Energy, Materials and Tech in various forms of constructive/bullish. Healthcare has made a breakdown. This is a diverse sector, however, and Medical Devices for instance, have fared relatively well while Bio/Pharma has gotten clobbered. On the latter, it would be setting up a buy opportunity if we were … Continue reading Sectors ‘vs. SPY’

vs. SPY… US Market Sectors

Another weekly chart from the Market Internals segment of NFTRH. This time updating what’s doing what on a relative basis to SPY with regard to US sectors. On a ‘vs. SPY’ basis, Financials look pretty good in consolidating down to support, Energy is brutal, Healthcare is not actionable (though I am long XLV), the Consumer stuff is marginal and Industrials vs. SPY is one of … Continue reading vs. SPY… US Market Sectors