nftrh plus

NFTRH+; test still in effect

With respect to the US indexes noted in yesterday’s update, the gaps have been filled, the market took the cue, bounced but then flopped today. However, as noted previously, unless the November 3rd (SPX) and 4th (NDX) lows are taken out the Q4-Q1 seasonal relief party can resume. If that level gives way back away from the punch bowl, there’s a turd in there! Ref. … Continue reading NFTRH+; test still in effect

NFTRH+; if you would short…

The title of the update references ‘if’ you would short, because even if the market is going bearish, cash is position. Working against the short/bearish view is contrary bullish sentiment (over-bearish), the fact that an alarming news event is driving some of it and the simple fact that historically at least (last 3 instances), stocks don’t top into real bear markets until many months after … Continue reading NFTRH+; if you would short…

Taiwan Semiconductor breaks out

TSM moves higher, Semi sector toppy but intact In an NFTRH update on Monday I had expressed a view that the SOX index might have more downside as long as the US market correction persisted, but also that the US market correction was normal and within continuing uptrends and so, no shorting for this non-daytrader. Not unless it’s for strategic hedging or I get proper … Continue reading Taiwan Semiconductor breaks out

Semiconductor sector leadership updated

The Semiconductor sector appears to be re-taking leadership The broad Semiconductor sector is hinting to take back its leadership over big Tech and possibly the broad SPX as well on the daily chart view. While a look inside the sector’s internals shows that two premier Semi Equipment companies, Applied Materials and Lam Research are constructive and not yet actionable with respect to leadership by companies … Continue reading Semiconductor sector leadership updated

NFTRH+; Today’s market

Quick pics and brief comments. SPX recovers to near an all-time high after a sentiment micro-twitch, NDX ticks a new high and SOX recovers above the SMA 50, regardless of its internal divergences (e.g. Semi Equipment). The world is bouncing. Since this is occurring above the rising SMA 200 it is still technically intact, unattractive pattern notwithstanding. Commodities (DBC) are bouncing but still potentially in … Continue reading NFTRH+; Today’s market


A Look Inside the US Stock Market

US stock market leadership is intact We noted in NFTRH that Semiconductor leadership was well intact, but overbought. That is being remedied now as SOX/NDX and SOX/SPX pull back. Within Semi, the premier Semi Equipment stock, LRCX, is still in leadership mode, which I see as a positive as well, because the Equipment companies supply the Fabs that make the chips. i.e. they anticipate demand. … Continue reading A Look Inside the US Stock Market

NFTRH+; Gaps Filling, Parameters Noted

A few pictures of upside gaps filling on various indexes, as we speculated might happen on the short-term. HUI is going for the gap just above 330. The keys to exiting the correction are the SMA 50 and October high. GLD filled last week’s gap down and has another gap just above. The key here is the SMA 50 and then the October high that … Continue reading NFTRH+; Gaps Filling, Parameters Noted