Oh Boy, There Goes GW Pharma (GWPH)

Jazz to Acquire GW Pharmaceuticals A nice little surprise this morning. UPDATE: Jazz Pharmaceuticals to acquire GW Pharma for $7.2 billion in cash and stock, GW soars 46% premarket  From the NFTRH Trade Log just 2 days ago… “Added GWPH on the pullback. I think I made a mistake in selling previously.” Sometimes you get lucky. I had taken a previous profit on it while … Continue reading Oh Boy, There Goes GW Pharma (GWPH)

GWPH: Keep Swinging, Sometimes You Hit One Out

Recently, I bought GWPH after it had been given a haircut of about 25% from where I last sold it. I had to take a small loss because it broke down last week, as you can see. But yesterday I noticed there was a sneaky little April gap that got filled and as noted in the Trade Log… For absolutely no chart-based reason other than … Continue reading GWPH: Keep Swinging, Sometimes You Hit One Out

So Who’s Pumping GWPH?

Who’s pumping GW Pharmaceuticals? Anyone? Don’t know, don’t care. It’s another 13.5% tacked on to a previous profitable seasonal bottom feed trade. It’s a market that is re-developing its high risk profile and profit taking is part of risk management. I’ve already sold two newsletter pumps in the last week and I can’t find a publicly available reason for this. So… thank you sir. That … Continue reading So Who’s Pumping GWPH?