NFTRH+; GOOGL (Updated)

We NFTRH+’d GOOGL back on Feb. 17.  Since then it has done what I wanted in dropping to support for a buying opportunity.  It then did what I didn’t really want and dropped a little further, where I bought a little more.  Ultimately, support held after the whipsaw.  The pattern is now active and the target is noted. This, like any trade, is pending the … Continue reading NFTRH+; GOOGL (Updated)


A very simple one here for anyone interested in trading a massively popular tech stock.  Remember, we are managing an over valued stock market that could be flirting with a blow off scenario.  So anything noted in trade updates like this are just that, trades.  NFTRH’s pure macro views are what I am most interested in, personally, beyond a trading mentality. GOOGL broke above a … Continue reading NFTRH+; GOOGL