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NFTRH 382 Out Now

It’s another week further into the macro backdrop that we have worked hard to anticipate for a long while now.  Anticipation is one (sometimes frustrating) thing, but ‘actionable’ is quite another.  We are now actionable.  That does not mean run right out and act, it means that macro trends are jamming into gear and we can manage 2016 in a much more dynamic and fruitful … Continue reading NFTRH 382 Out Now

Market Update FOMC, T-Minus 1 Day…

Roughly 24 hours before the latest great ‘decision’ gets handed down on whether or not the Fed is considering changing ZIRP-eternity any time soon I thought I’d put up a general update of various markets.

It is the same old theme for the S&P 500, with a sideways to up bias on the intermediate and slight downward bias on the short-term.  SPX is grinding up and down every couple days and this is a market that people should stand aside from, outside of individual trades and long-term orientations taken for other reasons.  This market is and has been going nowhere.


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