What’s Included

First, what is not included: NFTRH does not believe in dumbing things down to sell more subscriptions. Cartoon-like or simplistic analysis may go down easier, but it does no one any good in managing dynamic and complicated markets. Modern markets require vigilance, hard work and an open mind. Only in this way will true trends be identified and qualified before the herds become aware of them.

What’s Included…

checkOur weekly market report (usually 50 to 65 pages) covering the major markets (US, Global, Precious Metals, Commodities, Bonds, Currencies, etc.) delivered right to your inbox each Sunday. A 50 page report is not as hard to read as it may sound. Many relevant charts are included as a visual guide!


checkAs many or as few interim updates (delivered by email, available through password protected access at the site) as required to address significant ‘in-week’ events in the markets and lower risk trade/investment opportunities that may be presented during the week.


checkNFTRH+… Trade setups with buy and sell targets and risk parameters as interesting setups appear.


checkA ‘Trading Notes’ segment discussing the previous week’s portfolio moves and/or trading plans for the coming week in a more casual way.  This segment is stock chart-intensive.

checkA real time Trade Log that subscribers can monitor throughout the week, which shows my trades as they happen.

checkA consistent approach that subscribers depend upon. NFTRH is a service that is always ready to help with clear, logical and patient market analysis whether it be in support of a short-term, or big-picture theme.