Portfolio Performance

Note: Informal, real-time Trade Log now live.

Portfolio tracking was suspended as of April 6, 2014 due to an atmosphere of rolling US and global QE stimulation, which has created floods of new money out of thin air, chasing asset markets (and risk profiles) higher. I risk-manage my own funds in a way that is best for my personal situation and any pressure to maximize performance would be antithetical to how I need to manage this market.

Actionable analysis on markets and individual stocks continues to be provided by which subscribers can effectively trade their accounts and we also note personal trades for subscribers in real time and update holdings each week in NFTRH.

Portfolio tracking up until April 6, 2014 is available for subscribers’ review and verification per request of reports from the 2008-2014 period.

Performance from original NFTRH baseline (9.28.08) as of 4.6.14: +152%

Using the disciplined analysis presented each week in NFTRH, we out performed the S&P 500 and the HUI Gold Bugs Index benchmarks as follows.

Snapshot: September 28, 2008 (NFTRH Launch) to July 28, 2013 total return:

  • NFTRH Speculation Portfolio +149% (32.5% Average Annual Return)
  • S&P 500 +39.5%
  • HUI Gold Bugs Index -22%