NFTRH+; an appropriate time for these to hold and reverse

Looking at iShares bonds funds from 20+ year on down to 1 year, you can see that the bleeding is trying to stop today, and it really should stop around this area to avoid tripping signals of more Fed hawk/inflationary angst to come (along with rising yields).

We’d want to see the December lows hold to indicate a potential low for the move and to indicate that the recent inflation jitters are just a fluctuation on the path toward disinflation/deflation. These bonds go opposite to their yields and if they make a low it would be beneficial to many sectors/markets, including obviously the gold stock sector.

Without over talking it (difficult for me as you may agree) let’s just note that if rising yields/declining bonds has come with market stress, a hold and new upturn would likely aid relief, at least in some markets. I am not calling a low, but as usual just pointing out something that I am watching (closely).

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