Cabot Corp. stock (CBT); stock picking still matters

Cabot Corp. (CBT) stock breaks to new highs

This is about the lowest priority type of post I can make. But I’m about fried with indicators and macro stuff (as presented here publicly and more strategically in NFTRH updates).

It’s a post about a stock; Cabot stock. CBT is ticking an all-time high even as its sector starts to get a little suspect. CBT is a value stock and while I’ve noticed some non-value stocks getting hammered after okay earnings results, Cabot stock is getting rewarded after a slight earnings beat last week. Go figure.

I thought about buying the breakout earlier in the week, but that is not who I am (a momo) I guess. So it’s still sitting in the watch list. But this breakout implies a target of 93 if it holds up. #interesting

cabot stock (CBT)

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  1. M. Adler

    Doubtless because on Jan 30, 2023 it was named one of America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2023 by Newsweek and Plant-A Insights Group. Ultra-bullish.

    1. Gary

      Good to have that color, thank you. It makes sense that its disconnect from its sector had something to do with aspects other than operational. Although I think that is okay too.

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