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I hereby announce that my stint as a long running internet a-hole is over!

Something about the last post (where I made fun of a guy’s falling wedge, to be deleted shortly) stuck in my craw. Even though I did not name or otherwise directly identify the writer, I feel bad about it. I think it’s an inner voice I’ve actually had for quite a while saying…

“Hey, you’re not perfect, man (far from it). Why don’t you lighten up and stop criticizing others. Keep your personal views to yourself because most people want you to do market analysis, not shine lights on sources whose methods you don’t agree with.”

So, it’s officer Gary signing off! And glad to do so.

NFTRH.com will now be exclusively a source for my own premium work, public work and questionable humor and music going forward. On occasion I will probably continue to highlight boobish stuff by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Tom Brady, that Keiser character and others of higher profile. That’s what they’re there for. Those who seek to be massively followed influencers beg for criticism if they’re selling snake oil.

Oh, and when I have positive things to say about others (and as you know I have plenty of times), that will obviously remain part of the curriculum because I think those sources benefit readers.

Thank you for listening to my little epiphany. See you tomorrow.



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  1. Anonymous

    I like ButtHole Gary it’s Hysterical. We’re supposed to be Adults . If you can’t critique others or they can’t handle it. Fuck Em. Seriously. My wife calls me Shit for Brains and sometimes I actually think she means. I just tell her it was her choice to climb aboard for a ride. Shuts her up quickly. Lol

    1. Gary

      Well, I once ran an actual business with employees and everything. I had to be courteous and indeed that is where I learned customer service. The internet, however, breeds a certain freedom that has to be self monitored. So I am just monitoring myself a bit. Tweaking, so as not to go over the top. The primary function here is, after all, a business, not internet flaming.

      That said, I will continue not to suffer shills and gamers well.

  2. Anonymous

    Be kind to others and kinder to yourself

  3. Paul

    We’ve all been there. You admitted your mistake, so you may now care on in peace.

  4. yowser

    You have nothing to feel guilty about. Zero. You’re one of the highest quality and talented and creatively intelligent dudes out there.

    1. Gary

      Thank you. It’s still me with the same outlook on things. Just maybe a little less focused on others and a little more focused on getting this market right. There’s got to be a younger generation of internet police ready to graduate from the academy.

  5. Jim

    Whoa, Please don’t stop completely, please. I’ve learned a lot by watching you pick apart the nonsense blathered about on the internet. So maybe do it on NFTRH where there are hopefully fewer thin skinned pom pom watchers.

    1. Gary

      Bullshit detector tuned and operational. That will not change.

  6. Glenn McHarg

    Looks good on you, Gary. Negative comments usually say more about the commentator than the target. You consistently rise above the do-do.

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah, I find some of the sarcastic and snarky comments rather amusing. I think it should be noted that the context of these comments is usually to drive home serious points, especially in light of all the bogus, money grabbing cheerleaders out there with only their interests in mind. I get toning it down a notch and finding that balance as I myself have had to, but Gary I think you can still remain on point and use that “snarky/witty” talent and still be effective in your posts.

    1. Gary

      Exactly. It is because people get damaged by this crap that I put a spotlight on it. The crap will never end and I will highlight it as needed, but my focus is on us, not them.

  8. Chris Popov

    Yeah I like the sarcastic comments and find them rather amusing. I think it should be stated that usually the context of these comments is to drive home serious points. I get maybe toning it down a notch and finding a balance as I have had too, I get it. Gary, I think you can still use that “talent of sarcasm” and still be effective in your message and remain on point, as sometimes that’s a way to get people’s attention, not just for entertainment purposes or style. Thanks for your hard work.

  9. Silvgolcoholic

    Ok test!

  10. Reinier

    I appreciate the occasional critique, Gary. And gosh it’s tough not lash out at the parasites sometimes. Love the work and the humor! Need to give the music a try – bet I’d love that too.

    1. Gary

      It is tough, Reiner. I’ll give you that. When I read some garbage out there I read it as an analysis consumer, not a know it all analyst type. As a consumer it pisses me off. But that’s my emotion and it needs a tweak. That’s all.

  11. Bart

    When you’re really good at something, like Gary, an analyst’s analyst, then you sometimes need to flex one’s muscles. That is nature.

  12. Henri R Ghesquiere

    Yes, Gary
    Your (as you put it “belated”) empathy with less capable financial commentators is admirable and right. You stand head and shoulders above them — importantly by your incessant self-questioning. Hence, there is no need for you to push them down.
    Yet, as others have commented, you provide a public service by openly questioning their views, sometimes radically. Since you are the pre-eminent Mr. Balance, I trust you will manage this puzzle too.

    1. Gary

      They are not so much less capable as purveyors of hype and emotion to rile up readers. I hate it. Abhor it. That’s just my honest view of it. I don’t want to focus directly on it as much. I’ll let a younger generation – if there is such a thing at the ready – take the responsibility for cleaning the crap up. I have a job to do.

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