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Background checks only make complete sense

It’s a social and mental health epidemic. Even in the cases of violent racism, IMO, it’s a mental health issue. It’s not about Trump or Biden (each worse than the other in certain ways), republican or democrat (each worse than the other in certain ways). It is about money, about profits and about the perceptions held in place to keep the profit spigot flowing.

Every year we endure multiple mass murders at the hands of mentally ill people who should never have had access to a firearm. Check background, find no red flags, issue permit to carry. It’s so simple but the man in the picture below does not see it that way because the man in the picture below sees profits. He makes a very nice hand gun. I know this first hand, so to speak.

But enough is enough. Liberals are not coming for our guns and our freedom. Common sense needs to come for the archaic lack of regulations that the rest of the world looks at as some sort of collective insanity in this country. Children at school were murdered by a psychopath who had a gun. Period.

If you are a normal or semi-normal person who is not inherently dangerous, you can have your firearm. That is what a sensible background check would do. I live in Massachusetts and they run a check on me at license renewal every 5 years (6? Whatever). Then I am a licensed gun owner for the next half decade. It’s 15 minutes of my time every half a decade. They are not scheming to come for my gun or my rights in that regard. They are simply checking to make sure I am not a dangerous lunatic. Since I am not I have zero worry, because I also don’t wear a tin foil hat.

It’s actually the ongoing damage and terror inflicted by gun owners who shouldn’t be that is going to bring on the gun lobby’s worst fears; an overreaction by government.

From a post I made back in 2018:

This is the man who made my gun, a Beretta 9mm Semi Automatic. You can read about him and his fellow gun moguls here in this 2016 article from before Trump was elected. Indeed, the gun lobbies were in full force and exerting full power under Obama, which makes sense. Now, they are on easy street.

Anyway, ole’ Ugo Beretta is a member of the NRA’s Golden Circle of Freedom. Just look at this clown, staring you down as if he’d be ready to shoot you the moment you entered his property and tried to take his freedom away. He looks like an old a-hole with a great pitch consumed by millions of Americans.

Newsflash: He does not care about freedom. He cares about profits and perpetuating a myth about freedom and guns in America. Meanwhile, more people get mowed down in a country where it’s easier to buy a gun than to get a driver’s license.



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  1. smufty

    Legalize hand grenades! I mean really… why the heck not?

    1. Gary

      Yup, why not go all in? None of this half way crap. Grenades, flame throwers and maybe even some small tactical nukes.

  2. Dagny

    Disagree with you on this! Punishing the innocent is not acceptable. The police state failed to ID the latest 2 evil sick freaks

    1. Gary

      That is my point. How is going to the police station for 15 minutes every 5 years considered punishment? For me, I go in there, shoot the shit with an officer for a bit and walk out again. Then the renewed license shows up a couple weeks later.

  3. Bruce

    Yeah sounds good. Slight problem though. Oppressive regimes criminalize dissent and label unapproved belief mental illness. Current regime actively and relentlessly categorizing “white supremacy” as “domestic terrorism.” The definition now just basically applies to all white people. “What’s that, you oppose open borders, unlimited immigration? Don’t you know diversity is our strength? Mandatory psych treatment for you.” Goodbye gun rights.

    Not saying legit psychotic individuals should be armed. Saying they will categorize their political opponents as psychotic. See, e.g. USSR.

    1. Gary

      The democrats have approximately 2+ years left and probably a half a year of functionality w/ mid-terms coming up. IMO we are going to remain the same argumentative, divided and angry entity until the financial system that underpins it all finally just gives out. The clown show from 2016-2020 is replaced by a clown show of another kind and these clown shows just activate the opposition.

  4. Hogwall

    No gun law will stop a bad guy from killing,black market guns would prevail,other means like using an auto or making a bomb,ect all get the job done.If they want to kill they will find a way.If you want to live in a free country these things will sadly happen.Wish there was a magic cure all but I haven’t heard anything that would work.

  5. Jim

    I remember a time when these kind of things almost never happened. as I remember in those days the politicians and talking heads on the tube civil. We were led by example to consider other peoples opinions and talk things out to find middle ground. There seemed to be less division and bullying in the schools. Maybe if the people at the top “all of them” could start leading by good examples instead of dividing us up for their own profit then perhaps the civility would “trickle down”. New laws seldom fix issues of the heart.

    1. Gary

      Word, Jim.

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