NFTRH+; Critical minerals

A subscriber sent along a link to this article from (which can be found at ‘Links’ on the menu above under ‘Economy & Industry’):

Critical minerals threaten a decades-long trend of cost declines for clean energy technologies

We have been dealing in the ‘financialized’ world where the Fed is trying to reel back in the damaging inflation it birthed in 2020. But the real world or put a different way, the world of limited but critical resources to our modern way of life, is a different animal. It is subject to supply, demand and geopolitical gamesmanship, brinkmanship and all out war. Again, that’s the stuff of Captain Obvious.

Insofar as the Fed would have limited ability to reel back in the ‘real’ world, the article linked above has some very nice data about global supplies and political complexities of various items like Lithium, Palladium, Platinum, Uranium and more.

The timing seems good as we have been reviewing positive CoT structures for the PGMs and Copper, improved charts for Lithium miners/prospectors and a thoroughly hammered down situation in Uranium stocks.

It’s just an FYI in the event you have interest and have not seen the article. What I am interested in is who will benefit (explorers, producers of critical materials) and who will be impaired (generally the EV and alt. energy industries, but also auto, semi and many others), as the cost of its materials increase, not to mention the consuming public).