Gold vs. Bitcoin

The monetary metal has changed trend vs. monetary digits

The future of money will have to wait before the new digital munny is ready to take over safe haven ‘liquidity’ status from the old metallic monetary relic.

Where the former has the laser-eyed likes of know-nothings Tom Brady and Paris Hilton among its promoters, gold only has history; long, boring, staid, tepid history (oh yeah, and its own sordid and long list of promoters). An anchor to value in times where the very system itself is contrary to the concept of value.*

Here is GLD/BTCUSD having crossed the daily SMA 50 up, and withstood the ‘golden cross’ bull signal’s obligatory and temporary breakdown before proceeding on to its daily chart trend change.

Hilariously, if you’d like to laser eye yourself you too can go to this site and join the cult fad.

* By definition of the monetary chicanery your blog and letter writer has been going on about for the better part of 20 years now.

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