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As long-time subscriber Bob T noted after I requested permission to publish his comments (which came along with a request to review a chart)…

“Feel free to use my comments. I don’t think you have taken enough credit for that particular “call”. Well done.”

Actually, I don’t think I have mentioned the ‘call’ at all. That’s because I feel like a newsletter schmuck putting out a promo when I do something right. It’s tradition in the newsletter world; always let ’em know the good stuff. Unfortunately, it’s also tradition to conveniently soft serve or more often completely avoid noting the screw ups.

Well, I have significantly more good calls (I’d actually call them projections and probabilities) than bad ones, but the bad ones… they be there too. It’s the prompt adjustment from them to a correct course that matters, not some carnival side show with a crystal ball gazing doofus.

“P.S. Your read on gold possibly testing the 1920 breakout played out beautifully and I was able to trade out of many of my gold/silver positions on the spike upward and then even profit from the pullback going short using several different vehicles. This was exceptionally difficult for me (as a recovering goldbug and Pom Pom fan) but I am happy with the results. Baby steps……”

I had gold testing 1920 and I also had/have lower pullback levels open, within a bullish big picture view. I sure did not trade it the way Bob did, but that’s the thing about NFTRH analysis; I just try to tell what I see and project, and trust subscribers to do the right thing (as applies to their personal situation) with it. Never would I want to be some kind of instruction giver (conjures the King of Newsletters, Richard Russell and his Instructions: sell all stocks except mining stocks” just before the meat of a bull market in broad stocks and a terrible bear market in the miners).

It has probably bled through some of my writing, but I’ll put it explicitly here. NFTRH exists in a realm where I do not respect in the least a majority of the competition, which in my opinion treats people like children, whether titillating them about making riches, transfixing them with scary ghost stories, blaming nefarious forces for ‘calls’ that don’t work out, or simply making shit up to suit a one-note narrative.

Real analysis just does its job and shuts the fuck up about it because there is always tomorrow and a new challenge. So there’s my promo for NFTRH… on the right track and when it slips the track it gets right back on it with no excuse making. I think this is the best service of its kind and the reason for that is that it does not try to be what it is not. It’s produced by a human and that human is well aware of his strengths and faults and hence, insists on keeping it real… and of value.

The Lewis Carroll quote above is something that I find profound, especially in today’s over-stimulated, unbelievably complex macro market environment. If you show up with a thick ego and cemented views you’re going to get run over sooner or later. If you show up humble before the wonderment of it all, you just may thrive. A contrarian vantage point is of great value.

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