Memory 76

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Hey, it’s just another un-arranged verse/chorus thing produced amid another wild and woolly week full of ups and downs in the markets. Rather than watch every tick I try to live a little life during the week since I have a full weekend of market writing coming up.

Anyway, there’s a flub here, a suspect lead there (I should put more thought into crafting those) and also some sonic thing going on that I don’t know how I produced. But it came through to my ear and so I mimicked it in a few spots with a guitar melody.

Another observation is that it seems like fairly conventional rock, which is not always my taste as a listener but what I often tend to come up with on my own (my daughters, who are both into electronic music – as am I – make fun of me and just don’t want to hear this stuff).

Some day some of these will hopefully be arranged with somebody singing them, drumming them and another somebody playing either bass or guitar while I do the other.

Vocals: Nobody, Bass: Gary, Guitars: Gary, Drums: Sparky