NFTRH: A Black Friday-free zone

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As my inbox gets bombed with Black Friday deals, including from a large market newsletter service, I think to myself ‘self… why don’t you do that?’.

Self then replies: Because it’s not fair to existing subscribers. Trolling for customers with the excuse that a dumb consumerist marketing concept with an equally dumb name makes it okay is not okay. Not in my book. If I were a full rate paying customer of said large newsletter I’d be pissed, quite frankly.

What is okay is occasionally offering a free two week trial at the end of which new (first time) subscribers can pay the rates that existing subscribers pay after they find that they just love the service (weekly report and strategic in-week updates aplenty). :-)

So anyway, come sign up for NFTRH and get ready for success in 2022. But do so either at the current rate (which sophisticated – i.e. financial professional – subscribers tell me is an extreme value relative to what’s out there) or don’t at all because this is a proudly Black Friday-free zone.

That’s all I got.

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